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Review of Challenging Destiny
Number 24, August 2007

This review is by Rich Horton, from Locus (November 2007, Issue 562, Vol. 59 No. 5).

I really liked "Abigal and Chang", by Harvey Welles & Philip Raines, from Challenging Destiny's August issue. Abi is an old woman in an enclave of people in a decaying future who remember the better past while dealing with the incursions of "visitors." These, we soon learn, are people who learned to teleport, or jaunt (after Bester, of course), one particular day ("the Rapture") a couple of decades before. Most of the population can jaunt, and thus they don't bother with regular life much -- hence the collapse of the economy. Abi, still mourning the loss of her son to jaunting, rather against her will strikes up a relationship with a visitor named Chang.

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