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Review of Challenging Destiny
Number 19, December 2004

This review is by Rich Horton, from Locus (February 2005, Issue 529, Vol. 54 No. 2).

Canadian magazine Challenging Destiny has gone to electronic publication through Fictionwise. I can't help regret this, though I certainly understand the economic rationale. The words of the stories are the same, though! The latest issue, #19 (December 2004) is a pretty strong one. In Steven Mohan Jr.'s "Last Request" the Earth is doomed by an astronomical disaster to be destroyed in three years. How will people handle those remaining years? Suicide? Violence? Decadence? Or -- a hopeless attempt at survival? I thought it well handled. Stella Evans offers "Ex Libris," about a private investigator who is hired by an unpleasant man to find the missing "library" of a recently deceased, and very powerful, wizard. But this library turns out to be in a very unusual place -- and form. A familiar shape of story with a pleasantly new idea included. And Marissa K. Lingen's "Anna's Implants" also has an intriguing idea. The colonists on Anna's planet have what seem to be personality constructs of great artists implanted during their teen years. The idea is to foster creativity -- but sometimes it leads to madness. And -- does it really help truly original art? Anna seems to be a very promising young artist -- and her sister begs her not to take the implant. But Anna has a different idea.

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