Challenging Destiny Challenging Destiny
New Fantasy & Science Fiction

Number 1, May 1997

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Cover photograph by Graham D. Wall


Peter Lenardon, in Imprint: The University of Waterloo Student Newspaper (Sept. 19, 1997), says "The first issue of Challenging Destiny mixes some tried and true themes from Sci-fi and fantasy with some truly original and disturbing tales of the fantastic."

Leah Silverman, author of two honourable mentions in The Year's Best Science Fiction, says she "was extremely impressed with the quality of the fiction for such a brand-new magazine."

Here are some sneak previews of the stories you'll find in the first issue of Challenging Destiny:

The Grid by Tim Reid
illustrated by Richard Schweitzer

No one meets other people in the flesh any more. Why bother, when you can do anything, experience anything, from the comfort of your own perfectly designed chair in your own perfectly designed cubicle?

illustration for The Grid by Richard Schweitzer

Unnecessary Dreams by Timothy Dyck
illustrated by Tim Corlis

Descartes has been urged by a close friend to develop a philosophical proof of the existence of God. While meditating on the subject, he receives a rather unexpected visit...

In the Wake of Columbus by Terry Thwaites
illustrated by Jamie Verrier

Panduvia is a beautiful Earth-like planet with a population of intelligent humanoid lifeforms. They are a lot like us, but there are some things we can teach them...

illustration for In the Wake of Columbus by Jamie Verrier

A Virtual Ruse by Douglas Grant
illustrated by Aaren Hodgins

Dr. Richard Peterson has created a virtual reality suit that masks his ugliness. Even his girlfriend has never seen what he really looks like, and he hopes she isn't too shocked when she finds out...

Primal Dividends by James Mahoney
illustrated by Rich Sims

When a cavern of unidentifiable artifacts is discovered on Primal, a world of penal colonies, Dr. Susan Naiad arrives to determine whether the artifacts are of alien origin. She learns that the cavern is a treasure chest, and the intergalactic pirates are likely to return any time...

Final Vow Incident by Charles Conrad
illustrated by Derek Bouius

A police officer on patrol meets a crazed man who wants to be shot. Before the officer can apprehend him the man disappears, leaving behind a tape that chronicles a bizarre story of monsters among us...

Second Skin by Gord Zajac
illustrated by Adam Burton

With The Government, The Society and so many special-interest groups vying for your loyalty, it's difficult to figure out who's right, especially when you're always in a drug-induced haze. If you could only remember your name you'd feel a lot better...


The Blade Runner Saga review by James Schellenberg

Did anybody read the original book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? What's with the different versions of the movie, anyway? And are those recent sequels, The Edge of Human and Replicant Night, any good? James reviews all these, plus Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner.

What's Wrong With the World Today? editorial by David M. Switzer

Dave introduces the magazine, and lets authors know what kind of stories he's looking for. He asks: can we challenge our destiny? Dave asserts that although the many problems in the world often seem overwhelming, we should do our small part to make the world a better place. We can start by imagining what kind of future we want to have.

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